Thursday, March 6, 2008

the brazilians have it

so i haven't been up to posting because of some bad news i received lately. but it seems right now that there is some hope. and it has given me the will to type. and i remembered that a few weeks ago i wrote about how i was so inspired by the dashing Grace Jones. well today, i'm really feeling one of my favourite Brazilian actresses, Sonia Braga. in the western world people may recognize her from her recurring role on The Cosby Show as Mrs. Westlake, Theo's math teacher. or you may remember her as Samantha's lover, Maria on Sex and The City. below are a couple of images of her in film, or as magazine editorials. there isn't much in the way of clothing in these photos but she still pours out the style like a volcano during Sao Paulo Fashion Week . go on now, enjoy her in all her hotness.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Space In Between Things

I have always been a very huge fan of fonts. its rather hilarious because i don't work in graphic design, or signage, or anything even remotely related to it. so i was only too excited to get my hands on a copy of Helvetica. so in my love of all things antique yet classy, i am completely captivated by this film. let me start off by explaining that there are huge undertones about modernism in this film and how antiquated typography got replaced by modernist trends, with the most obvious example being the font Helvetica. and the context for all things antique is referenced to the artists/designers who are interviewed in this film. so much history and knowledge is expunged from these older designers, one can only get all googly-eyed. five minutes into the movie and i've fallen in love again. and of course its a mixture of something older and newer. Massimo Vignelli (77) captured my heart because he made a very blunt and unforgiving statements that only an oldschool Italian man who doesn't care about what you think about him would say. read this "Design is made to cure a disease... and that disease is ugliness". and lets leave it here so we can all be inspired for a million minutes or so.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and My Favourite Today is Undercover

Jun Takahashi is creative gold. this collection is youthful, filled with contrasting fabrics in the outfits and within the pieces themselves, blending subdued hues, creating scalloped cuts, !maintaining a subtle level of androgyny (my favourite part). this is the kind of collection that makes you wish it was fall again... well almost. what is the most important thing it achieves? yummy inspiration!

Dior and JG

So if you've ever seen those plastic Barbie dolls from the 60's you'll probably think that the Dior collection was a miniature catwalk with these dolls, with their clicking knees strolling down the runway and their stiff arms swaying back and forth. this show is so 60's glam right down to the eye shadow.

instead of creating basic RTW garments, JG sticks to complete and utter luxury. mmm... good.

Kris van Assche...

does menswear for ladies, because that's what he does best, and its amazing. contrary to Vivienne Westwood's show, this minimalistic take on next year's soon to be trends is going to give me sweet dreams like the Eurythmics.
image courtesy:

It's Paris and It's Fashion Week

Vivienne Westwood is all about the future. What is her possible image of that? Well i think its the possibility of surviving our ecosystem. Her theme for this show is based on an eco-warrior living in an urban future, i.e. us, as people, battling the effects of a global warming and other environmental downfalls, but living as we were today. she returns to themes of the jungle, and Africa, with more primal painted pieces. what i see, is a light-hearted view on very significant issues today. but why not? we need to sometimes see in often worrying topics in an optimistic view or else wouldn't we all lose hope? p.s. alot of this collection is bonkers. i likey.

notice above, the paint streaked coats, pants, and tops. it looks very similar to patterns used by African tribespeople to paint their faces.

above, i really enjoyed the sharp-angled corners to create the bag clasp and the sleeves of that shrug. it looks like a cuffed shirt was coiled around the model's arms.

i love the multi-fabric, multi-patterned items put together to create this outfit.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

H&M knows Crayola Blue

Crown Royal saved a dress for me at H&M last thursday. contrary to the million and two gray items i've been purchasing lately, this long, slim-fitting dress has a 'punch in the face' colour to it. Lapis lazuli is the colour that best describes it. but it more triggers childhood memories of that blue in the crayon box.

this is the lovely dress below.

and if this is a sign of what is to come for H&M this spring/summer, i'm getting excited. i found some of their trend items online for viewing and boy are they ever beautiful. i have to admit, i've been slightly disappointed in the H&M winter collection of this previous year, and i was hoping that they would impress me again. it looks like they are en pointe with the sunny season's expected trends. african prints and culturally-themed garments as evidenced in their large turbans worn on many of the models. safari-inspired themes also a prominent feature. but most importantly (at least to me) the bold, bright monochrome coloured garments are styled together with the other two trends. yeah, H&M, you go on. p.s. ladies, those loose fitting pants are beautiful but if you are shorter than 5'7 put them back on the rack... unless you want to look like a dwarf who rummaged through MC Hammer's closet.

images courtesy: neomoda

Devendra Banhart is a paperdoll

my friend sent me a link today that will occupy me (sadly) for several hours. its the Devendra Banhart online dress up figure. its available on his website. it lets you pick and choose what this burly rocker gets to wear. i don't know, maybe you can dress him up for several different occasions, like when he meets your dad, or when you jump in a 60's caravan to go see the next Grateful Dead show. or maybe he can meet your dad at a Grateful Dead.

Click on this link below!
Dress Me

mmm, one thing i can't wait for is...

the new April 77 to come out with there spring/summer collection. i pretty much want every garment that they provide. the blazer they have on their website is worthy of hugs and kisses. i love how consistent they have been over the last few years. their british post-punk and softened rockabilly looks are gorgeous. they are definitely one of my favourite labels. they don't over-saturate their brand by creating a superfluous amount of non-coalescing pieces. you can pretty much only purchase from their collection for one season and you would have a complete wardrobe. i mean, just let your eyes do the wanting.

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A New Do and a Movie or Two

this weekend was a little more low-key yet fun. crown royal and i pretty much watched about a 6 movies and went out for a friend's birthday at the Drake. in between all of that i did some much un-needed shopping and got myself a gorgeous new 'do from a Sassoon stylist. i dipped into the new Tiger of Sweden collection at Ukula and picked up this gray oversized ribbed tank made out of 100% Tencel. it feels like water on my skin, possibly the softest fluid-like fabric that's brushed my skin in a while. i also bought myself this oversized Acne dress from Next Door. as is evident, i've probably just about abandoned any thought of saving up to buy all of my clothes from the spring/summer collections when they come out in the next month or two.